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Meet Mary…


Hello, my fellow crochet addicts! I guess you might want to know a little bit about who is writing all these posts on Cute & Cozy Crochet, huh? Well, my name is Mary.  I’m from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and love the forest and pine trees.  I am the most at home when I am Up North.


I am also obsessed with music. Seriously, I’m a geek about it. I majored in vocal performance and was very determined to become an opera singer, but decided that getting married and having babies was more my cup of tea. My babies are also what brought me to crochet, so I have them to thank for that!


My Family

I met my husband, William, in college. We met in choir and fell in love very quickly.  I had never met a man who was so patient, kind, thoughtful, moral, and loving. (There are so many more wonderful adjectives I could use to describe him, but I’m sure you’d all quit reading, so I’ll stop.) He has pushed me to do what I love and encourages me every day in all of my vocations. He is my prince charming.


Together William and I have 3 beautiful daughters and a sweet baby boy. They make life more full of love and a lot crazier. We couldn’t be happier with our family and are so thankful for our beautiful blessings!

What to expect with Cute & Cozy Crochet

Cute & Cozy Crochet is dedicated to supplying free crochet patterns that are inspired by all things cute and cozy! I love snuggling up with a soft crocheted blanket or bundling my girls up in their homemade hats and scarves. Making stuffed animals for the little ones in my life is so much fun and probably at the very top of the list of things I just love to crochet! This is why I want to provide free patterns. No matter your income, you should be able to do something fun and make cute and cozy things for yourself and others!

I am very happy to be able to share my love for crochet and (most recently) design!  Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see. I’m more than willing to give it a go! I’m always looking for new projects…even when I have 5 or more currently in the works.

Hot Chocolate


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